Just as you are

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On May 13, 2013

Because you are just right. There is always room to grow and we are always changing. Refining and evolving, never the same, yet we tend to hold a pattern. This pattern can go two ways, either in an expanding grove or a contractive unfolding. It sounds simple. We feel awe struck or we feel unfulfilled. We recognize the bigger picture we are a part of or we could feel alienated from everything. Unfortunately we even feel that we don’t deserve the good side of life. For example, there will be a flow to my week where I am overflowing with ideas and moments where the wellspring of my heart feels dry. When I am overflowing, I am excited and enthusiastic, witty and captivating – well, most of the time. When I am empty it’s rough and unfortunate. This is a pattern yoga, specifically Shaivism, that considers our truth to be conscious of bliss. Yes, our deepest truth is consciousness and bliss yet this bliss gets hidden. Before I go any further, bliss, our english translation of bliss is a little different than the sanskrit word ananda. Rather there is a form that gets cloaked in the crude, the junk, the uncomfortable and we forget that we are enough, that we are just right. We are giving an opportunity to rise up to the highest form of ourselves, but it ain’t easy, especially since we also have a built in capacity to know fear, isolation and disgust.

Don’t believe me?…watch your day. Are there moments where you feel great joy, love and peace, and do you allow yourself the moment that is just right. Can you breathe into the simplicity and abundance that flows through you once a day. Even when I am challenged and I begin to devalue my offering there is a rush of doubt. Doubt is important as it keeps you from drinking the kool-aid. But doubting that you are just enough can be healthy for only a moment to consider the big picture. A little inspiration from an open, expressive  attitude that fuels the desire to see more and experience more. Well, the pattern of moving from joy to anger takes work as does a willing heart. But if you see this pattern in yourself, then you can also see it in each other. Seeing yourself as being just right, may take an entire lifetime, but it creates a patterning in the body that strives for the good sweet nectar of the absolute heart.

This isn’t a common idea so consider me just beginning to unpack this contemplation. This is one of my favorite things to consider so since this posting process still has another 99 days before it…I’m going with the idea that I’ll probably share insights as they come and help guide physically, mentally and emotionally, but for now, this is just enough.


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