New Moon – New Cycle

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On January 15, 2018

Looking at life and aligning it with the lunar cycle is a practice I have engaged in for over 15 years now. Anyone that has hung out with me on the yoga mat knows that chances are I will bring up the current lunar cycle and practice in alignment with the phase of the moon. This love affair with the moon happened as a young child. I was absolutely fascinated. Then one day someone suggested watching the moon rise, and well, in my early 20’s I was out looking for the moon and now in my 40’s enjoy the magic of a moon rise while I eat dinner with my own family. When I took an astronomy class in college my understanding of how our universe operates expanded at a level that, well, rocked my limited perception permanently. There was no way I could ever ignore this potent aspect of life again. Then as a yoga teacher I discovered the power of practicing in relationship with the moon. It is a practice that the farmers use and has been around longer than any of us reading this post and holds great insight to attuning to a more authentically aligned life.

A quick little Lunar 101… The moon offers a 28-day cycle with four quarters. The new moon, waxing moon, full moon and waining moon. Each quarter offers an opportunity to both be reminded of the bigger picture, but also to reflect on where we are in our life and how we are consciously engaging. From a yoga standpoint the moon is the feminine energy where the sun is masculine energy. From a physical science perspective it is a rock that rotates around our earth as we rotate around the sun. The reflective quality of the moon and it’s impact on the bodies of water on our earth all align with the emotions that can surface individually at either a new or full moon. If you are new to a lunar cycle, just start to notice the days when aspects of your life surface. Honestly, today, I had a moment with tears. It was easier to allow myself to feel what I needed to feel, carve out a little space for me to allow and accept, all because I knew it was a new moon – full of energy encouraging us to re-evaluate – which then allowed me to be more clear as I moved forward.

This January 16, 2018 moon is a Capricorn moon. Are their any Capricorns in the house?!?  Capricorn is an Earth sign, qualities of the earth include foundation, rational, consistent, and even pragmatic. When I teach around the earth energy, not only do I acknowledge the ground in which we stand, I honor the vehicle in which we experience this life. Self care, self love, are key aspects. This moon is all about reevaluating how we are engaging through the actions we are choosing. You can think of the moon as a chance to pause, breathe deeply, reconnect, refine, and then return. It is a chance to connect to your vision you hold for the year, what plans are you making, how can you connect to ways of reengaging with daily practices so that you feel nourished. You get to decide on the theme for your own year. The message you want to bring forward – you know – how do you want your light to shine? Feeding your inner self and nourishing your whole self are essential in allowing your light to expand by the way. Paying attention to what comes up for you the next few days can reveal areas that can inspire you. It can also be loud calls to acknowledge what is requiring your love and attention as well. What could be nourished and supported? What is ready to come alive? Have I mentioned it is a good time to care for you – have some fun, seek an adventure – which can be as simple as going to the grocery store and truly enjoying the journey :). The moon being in Capricorn reminds us to be grounded and steady. My recent newsletter shares on the power of being grounded and gracious. Sign up here if you want to be in the know!

A theme for me this year which is really about remembering my own truth – my own light – and honoring the calls for help as well as honoring the gifts I have to share. One of those gifts is knowing from both intellect and experience that living in a greater relationship with the moon offers a greater engagement with life. This works for me and so I am sharing it with you. What works for you? How are you able to be disciplined in taking action to living the life you desire? Perhaps it is just about sprinkling fun into your life. Perhaps it is about going easier on yourself. Or maybe you are just in the process of being curious. If you are new to the lunar phase – welcome! If you are an old pro and want to share any extra insights, please do! One thing the moon reminds me – no matter what sign, season or year – is a deep and real sense of belonging. Anytime we can remember we are part of something magnificent – reminded how sacred our essential nature truly is – no longer feeling separate from our collective truth – is a miraculous moment no matter where you are on your journey.

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