Release. Adjust. Receive. Repeat.

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On December 3, 2021
Release. Adjust. Receive. Repeat.

Release. Adjust. Receive. Repeat. Keys to living with embodiment, connection, meaning and leading with Soul. When consciously choosing to live soulfully we get to step into the emotional realm of life.

Experiencing a richness and a depth that will flow like the tides of the ocean. We learn and relearn how to gain perspective from a higher vantage point and dive into the depth of the ocean to discover the buried treasure of our truth. Along this journey we feel a range of emotions that offer insight into the ways we can cultivate awareness, transform, embody, and most importantly breath life into our souls radiance.

The moon guides us each month – wether you tune in or not. Talk to a fisher, a surfer, the hunter, the farmer or the weather person – the moon has a profound impact on our daily life. She changes and dances through her cycle approximately every 28 days and while there are 8 expressions that are invoked by angles we look to the four phases to awaken emotional guidance and connection.

These core phases, new, first, full, last provide direction and insight along the experiential journey. It is a little like getting curious, examining, recognizing and understanding – though we do not always understand we can at least learn and open ourselves to relearning.

This Month

The new moon happens to be a total solar eclipse. This means that the moon is within 15º of the nodal points. These are points of the moon’s elliptical orbit and are what cause an eclipse. They are not random and are so scientific and mathematical that eclipses have fascinated humanity for thousands of years. Personally, tuning into the cycle of the moon and the energy of an eclipse is a bit like tuning into the whispers of the divine.

Astrology looks to the nodal points for direction on what wisdom we contain to support our experience (south node) and what are we being asked to grow into, or the direction we are headed – which means we have to get out of our comfort zone (north node). Even more fascinating is that the nodes oppose each other. So if the south node is in Sagittarius, the north node is in Gemini or if the south node is in Capricorn the north node is in Cancer. Next year the nodes shift to the Taurus and Scorpio axis (creation and dissolution).

Eclipses happen in pairs as the nodal points sit in a sign for approximately 18 months. So for the past year and a half (where were you in May of 2020…) we have been experiencing a process of letting go of old beliefs and perspectives regarding freedom (Sagittarius) and evolving into recognition of our curiosity regarding choices, communication and the ability to carry life forward (Gemini). The next eclipse cycle – which was initiated last month – is the Taurus/Scorpio access. Kind of cool right.

Think about it – who has moved, shifted their commute, changed jobs, and what stories of rethinking the way we engage with the world at large, being conscious for the way we treat our neighbor and fellow citizens of the earth. Freedom finally coming for some and for some they feel as if their freedoms and rights are being robed. Not to mention the global pandemic that impacts the lungs and our ability to breath safely around others as Gemini rules the lungs.

Back to the Moon

The moon reminds us of our emotional nature. Emotions inform our choices and behaviors which then feed the results of our life. This is why the moon is popular for manifesting – but it is not about the object itself it is about the feeling behind the manifestation.

This particular new moon (12º Sagittarius) is asking us to look at what old energy and emotions are inhibiting our ability to move forward. The eclipse beams energy into the need to harness our curiosity and bravely step forward envisioning our future with heart, with soul, with connection and from a higher vantage point so we can expand into new horizons. It is an invitation to learn self regulation and accept that change is inevitable.

Trusting in the change so we can release the patterns that inhibit and adjust so we can step forward with faith and living our brilliance.

That is if you care to live with greater delight, freedom, faith and joy. Maybe even add in a little wonder, awe and a splash of love.

Process to Practice

This lunation runs from December 4, 2021 – January 1, 2022. Yep we are closing this highly stressful year with an eclipse on the nodes of fate and start 2022 on a dark moon. I will be sharing more of how to embrace the darkness and to create from the erotic energy of the void in months to come. You will be able to hold your center through the struggles with edge and potency.

Release what is not serving.
Adjust emotionally (self regulate).
Receive the brilliance of your soul.
Repeat as necessary.

Just a little added insight – there is a lot of ‘out of bounds’ energy in the sky as well. This means we can explore new ways of thinking, of seeing and living with one another because the universe continues to carry us forward. Lean into the pain, ask for help and call on your spiritual team that surrounds your every move.

Prompts for Reflection

What do you know that keeps surfacing in your life that continues to feed the pattern that is causing more harm than good?

How can you ritualize this release? Make it sacred and honor by energetically anchoring  your intention to shift consciously. Perhaps a run, a walk, a hike in nature, a fire to burn, or even just taking a shit and flushing it away with profound gratitude for living in a time where plumbing is modern and sophisticated. Oh and lighting a candle to respect the reckoning and unraveling that we are all experiencing together.

How can you keep your heart open and allow your vision to expand?

Call in your super power. These are your strengths, your god given talents that the world treasures and is ready for you to share.

Welcome in your radiant future.

The decision to connect to your inner realm and acknowledge your inner strength is one that is totally worthwhile. Just ask Brene Brown or at least join me in reading her latest book – Atlas of the Heart.

Hone In

To help you hone in on what area of your life you can focus on look to 12º Sagittarius in your chart. Too sophisticated you can look at which house sagittarius rules or pick one that I list out here for you…

First House: Beliefs of your self perception

Second House: Beliefs of your self worth

Third House: Beliefs of your immediate environment

Fourth House: Beliefs of regarding your past

Fifth House: Beliefs of your creativity

Sixth House: Beliefs of the work you do

Seventh House: Beliefs of relationships

Eighth House: Beliefs of shared resources

Ninth House: Beliefs of world view

Tenth House: Beliefs of perseverance

Eleventh House: Beliefs of the future

Twelfth House: Beliefs of psyche

Once you explore the beliefs of this area, what can you release, adjust and receive. Receiving is about trusting and having faith that you get to choose and step forward into this new understanding or at least recognition. The whole story won’t fully be revealed for 2 years, however we will gain insight between now and the full moon in Gemini on December 18, 2021.


Be sure to read your soulscope bellow and share how it supports you during this time of transition in the comments. These are horoscopes for the soul. These will serve you best if you read your rising sign as this is the energy your soul is rising into. The sun and moon hold potency too as they are the luminaries of the sky above. Enjoy and I will be back with the other half of this story on the Gemini Full Moon.

Sagittarius: Keeper of the flame! You know pretty darn well all that you have been asked to let go of this past 18 months. Some surprises I am certain as well as some that were expected. This means you get to light the flame and keep it alive. Stoke the fire of your heart and bath in the divine spark of your soul.

Capricorn: Persevere with grace and gratitude. The shakedown of the soul is wanting you to call forward the feminine. Resilience is no stranger so hold her close as you wander through these dark nights of the season. Invite in the divine mother and ground into the energy of grace as you continue to step forward with love for your whole self. Wisdom continues to be born through you value the journey, the growth and the ability to become.

Aquarius: Breathe life into your future even if it wasn’t what you were expecting – you have been expecting this moment. Please though, don’t skip the step of releasing. Our intellect can get in the way, so breathe into this moment, expanding the light into your future. Self regulation is key to handle the stress and intensity. Restructure with the awareness of the bigger picture and believe in the hopes and dreams of humanity.

Pisces: Share your trust in the unseen. The blurry ways of the divine will continue to clear the path for you and the world wants you to lead with your compassionate soul. Shine your mysterious light and know your legacy involves your capacity to lead us up the mountain and persevere by bringing your magik forward for the world to see.

Aries: Ignite new life by honoring the bottom of the exhale. You have gone to the depths and are rising from the ashes trusting your ability to fly. The grand shifts of your life hold another level of expansion into your higher self. Honor what you can continue to release and move forward with the courage of your heart. It will benefit you to look and listen before taking any major steps forward. We all are slowing down with you – do not worry you are not alone – but this slow movement might feel extra risky.

Taurus: Breakdown and breakthrough the beauty sits buried deep within. Let go of always doing the right thing and give yourself permission to see the light that sits on the other side of transformation. Letting go isn’t the easiest thing to do, but the world becomes more beautiful when you remain true.

Gemini: Carve out time to listen to your higher self. Meditate, move, but most importantly – listen. With the insights you receive from those you partner with in life you can further explore the knowledge that is here to support you. Conscious choices are essential and the light sits in the dark crevices of your soul – stay curious and feel a deeper support the the divine that is ever present. The world loves you and wants you to do your light justice.

Cancer: The biggest release is taking care of everyone else so that you can avoid the parts of your that need your love and attention. Yes, your daily efforts need to be making your soul a priority. Schedule time with her. Cozy up with her grand details and you will make the world a better place just be being you, If you feel stuck – start to track the moon and the energy that she exposes as she is a guiding light for you in how to work your energy.

Leo: Spread the divine radiance. Illuminate her brilliance through your choices, behavior and the love you give yourself. In these darker days the world wants you to believe in the treasures of your heart and create with the magnificence that you shine upon so many. Live the love you know to be true.

Virgo: Create from the sacred flame of the heart. Go inward and come home to your soul’s light. Allow her to care for you and guide you through parts that have to go. Cherish the memories and keep the past alive by choosing to cultivate a strong foundation that invites the divine mother in to support the beat of your heart and the life you are materializing with each breath.

Libra: Honor the treasures of your truth that sit right before you. Communicate with the mysterious messages of your soul. Keep the peace by making peace with all that was and welcoming in new perspectives to support you. The language of the divine sits with your higher self and if you come home and value the peace within you, your beauty will be your future guiding you and those you call family forward.

Scorpio: Bring forward the raw and real treasures of your soul. The world will continue to expose their vulnerabilities as will you. You get to share with us how to be vulnerable, raw and real in the release, honoring your personal power to work with one another rather than manipulate and control. The dissolve is where new life is created. Plant seeds in the foundation of your future and feed the depth of you so you can build with the steady resources of your soul.

This is a profound month as we close out the year. The solstice happens just days after the full moon and the biggest stressor of the year has its final transit December 26. Not to mention Venus goes retrograde in Capricorn and Ceres the mother archetype moves retrograde into Taurus. Tune into the essence of the month with the December Signature and follow along with the daily unfolding in the Soulfully You Community.

Want to discover your own person map to understand how to hold your center? Book a Soul Session with me today. Sessions will begin again after Capricorn season on a limited basis.

Straight from my heart to yours. xoxo



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