Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On June 30, 2013

Here in Charleston we have had nearly 10 inches of rain during the month of June and the normal is closer to 5 inches. It’s pretty wet and our back yard is a bit swamp like. The frogs are in stereo and we can hear them inside. The other week with the super moon the rains hit during hight tide and our street was more like a river with lumber floating down to the tidal creek. The temperature now is 10 degrees cooler than usual and it really does not feel like a summer night. Wild as Mercury is retrograde in Cancer, the sun is in Cancer, as is Jupiter. Cancer is a water sign, mercury represents communication, Jupiter a bit of a teacher that helps expand our understanding/view. Saturn, the task master, is also in a water sign of Pieces. Really just makes me wonder if all this rain has anything to do with a larger planetary alignment. But then, as I watch the rain flow, somewhere out there someone or something is probably in a draught or even on fire. Perhaps it’s time to reflect on the emotional tides of our collective hearts communicating with more authenticity and compassion for all beings or maybe it’s just a rainy summer.

*astrology is just a hobby of mine, please consult a professional if in need or astrological advice.

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  1. gmcushing

    I have been going through some emotional high and low tides lately so this is a very timely post. And at this very moment I am mentally saturated and in need of an escape. But knowing that I can’t just leave so I chose to go back and read your post since I didn’t have time earlier to do so. And now the timing was right and your words were comforting. So give advice when you can because there are those out there that need to hear what you have to say.


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