Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On November 15, 2021
Shared Vulnerability

Being vulnerable really is not all that fun. Choosing to expose your truth, take a risk, and even come undone honestly is rather uncomfortable. Shared vulnerability is a bit more unsettling as we are all unraveling at the same time with little certainty of where we are going and what we are doing. However the only certainty in life is change, life comes with no guarantees and personally I do not prefer the ‘certainty of misery over the misery of uncertainty’.

This point in our lives where what was seems further away than it ever has and what is to be still remains somewhat a mystery. Except we still live on a rock that spins around the sun. We still engage with those we love and despise those that we hate. The laws of cause and effect are very real. And the breath is essential in our ability to live. That too…we are still living.

Because I am an Eighth House Gemini my curiosity is intense so I wonder about the patterns and inner worlds of people a lot. I choose to feel the depths of my life and while it is not all that fun it gives me meaning and provides connection especially when I allow healing.

Wait – healing…that requires vulnerability.

That means we have to share that we have flaws and imperfections. That we have to take a risk and potentially be rejected. That we have to let someone in on the secret that we can’t do it all on our own. That there is a part of us that knows pain on a level that we either deny, betray or ignore and acknowledging it is uncomfortable, awkward and down right scary. Just spelling it out is exhausting.

The world is right here with you. This big ole rock that has consistently provided us an environment. A place to experience this vast and rich life to an entire race of humanity. A world that needs to confess that they have had it all wrong. Well, at least those of us in the west.

Admitting that life is not about success, wealth, sex and fame. Confessing that living for our ego’s desires has caused harm to others. It seems as we have lived through a global pandemic, that we might be confessing that we have had it all wrong. Burying our wounds, hiding our pain and pretending not to feel what we feel is simply denying our soul the opportunity to animate herself and evolve.

Vulnerability gives us a chance to grow gracefully.

During this time of shared vulnerability here is what we can do…

  • Become clear of our own patterns.
  • Stop blaming others and take responsibility for our own path.
  • Honor our inner world and choose with both logic and intuition.
  • Cultivate compassion, practice forgiveness and surrender to the sacred depths of life’s potential.

You know – easy add on’s to your daily to do list – lol.

However you navigate these times of radical change, know that the heavenly sky is guiding you. Lean into those that love you unconditionally, and by all means know that you are not alone. If anything allow for this breath and this day and call forward the support that will remind you that you too will be okay.

PSST – have you read Brene Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection? I highly recommend her work and this book is a great place to understand self care and living wholeheartedly through vulnerable moments.

At the moment I am not taking on any new clients or readings. However I encourage you to book a soul session for the new year!!!

At the time of publishing this post the new moon in Scorpio has already occurred and the full moon in Taurus is just about to eclipse. Visit the SOULFULLY YOU group to read your soul scope!

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