Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On November 19, 2021
Wounds to Wisdom

When we are being asked to reimagine our life, the way we connect and share this life together, we are going to need to make transforming our wounds into wisdom a priority.

This can be the little things like using healing ointment on a scar. Rehabbing a strained muscle. Drinking more water and choosing to feed and seed our gut. Finding ways to reconnect with nature and witness the cycles of life.

The transformation can also be big and profound like forgiving ourselves and our past. Cultivating compassion and acknowledging the need for boundaries and giving our soul a voice. Surrendering to a power greater than ourselves and choosing again and again to rise, respond and renew the essence of our sacred self.

We all have wounds.

They are what make us human and remind us of how we can grow, learn and evolve. All of this connects us to the potent and sacred unfolding of life which brings forward benevolence appreciation and honor.

The hard part is that you have to accept all that you’ve denied your soul. Acknowledging the unconscious patterns that influence our consciousness. Then there is this thing called vulnerability that comes through the art of forgiveness and accountability. This is the potency of this lunar cycle that started in May of 2020 and will continue through August of 2022.

No, it isn’t all love and light, rainbows and unicorns, ninjas and race cars (though all that is grand!). Rather it’s the truth of our current reality whether we choose to except it or not. The cosmos call forward profound change – individually and collectively.

No matter how you feel about this change – you cannot deny that has impacted everyone’s existence. You cannot deny the profound mark on humanity and continue to pretend the choices we make do not influence all that is to come. This is a grand awakening that comes from a great dissolve.

We have been rattled to our core, individually as well as collectively. So many spoke of 2020 vision yet I am not sure they realized how we would witness the interconnected and precious nature of civilization so clearly. We as people are accountable for the wounds that are hungry to heal.

The need to heal and transform wounds to wisdom is evident as each of us are experiencing too many moments that leave us at a point of exhaustion. An adventure regarding what seems like an unrecoverable or at least a daunting, dark and most certainly uncertain and unprecedented times. By the way, I don’t think I am being dramatic in the least…

The potency of our reality also calls forward the need to embrace our truth with compassion.

What has unfolded over the past 20 months, if you are counting, has made the preciousness and fragile nature of humanity be seen, felt and crystalized the need for change. The uncomfortable moments of disagreeing with loved ones, the loss of careers, canceled experiences, denied opportunities, attacks on the innocent, upheaval of governing structures, and the thousands upon thousands of lives lost.

We are being asked to recognize the womb of innocence and life as we know it right now holds a shared vulnerability that is revealing our sacred spark buried deep within. Life is mandating we shift our priorities, values, and recognize we are in a profound unfolding…together.

Current events are exposing just how essential the home, family and care for our individual and collective self is to our vitality, survival and humanities longevity as a whole.

This recognition has brought us to the point where major institutions are challenged and pushed to be innovative in the way they operate and people can finally have a voice when prioritizing their private life of family and home. There are startling statistics that have shown the number of woman leaving their professional path because home life holds more value and necessity than public affairs. Not to mention the shift of men honoring the shared responsibilities of home life.

Reprioritizing the feminine might be the biggest wound that requires transformation.
Reimagining feminine embodiment requires acknowledging the wounds of the divine mother.

For thousands of years we’ve maintained a material world that’s denied the strength and the power of the feminine. We’ve heard stories being told of her provocative nature, of her subservient roll, that she is here to serve man, and prove her worth through the almighty dollar while still running and maintaining the household.

You know the foundation of everyone’s future does not sit in the stock market, sure that holds value, but rather is determined on the emotional foundation and life skills we provide our children, our youth and take responsibility for the wounds we have created. The ways we nourish and value the womb of our collective future.

What are we giving birth too depends on the growth and way we take ownership, remain accountable for the healing of the wounds of our soul.

For so many years we have received the story of productivity and success as measurements of our wealth. That our soul holds value when we can accomplish, achieve and over take. The story gains popularity the more it comes alive and so hear we are…living the hot mess of humanity. Exhausted, uncertain and clinging to what we want  to believe is true – or maybe deny the truth of it all. What story do you feel like telling?!?

After all these years of listening to so many stories and taking them as truth, which perhaps they are, we find ourselves at what I call the great reckoning or the grand undoing. It is not about blaming but rather owning.

Being accountable for the wounded feminine as well as the wounded masculine and showing up for the wisdom that is ready to come forward.

I want to believe – and have been given opportunities to hear a new story line – that the way through these uncertain times is to stop denying the feminine her power. To acknowledge and reawaken the necessity of her and stop the pattern of writing her out of the story line. Holding ourselves accountable for the ways we have belittled her profound nourishment and royalty from our daily life.

Forgiving this pattern where we misinterpret and misunderstand her. Adjust how we have turned our back on her guidance and some how stop forgetting to offer her the respect and value that she deserves every day and in every way. If I have a ruffled your feathers, welcome to the club.

This is the renaissance that we are craving and she is birthed from the broken winged society that is ready to become.

What I am presenting here shatters so much of what we’ve always known to be real and jeopardizes how we operate and collaborate in this life. It means we have to look inward and honor the choices of those that have gone before – yet show up and shift the narrative in a radically subtle way. It starts at home, deep within your heart and with those you keep close.

Please know we don’t stop living and engaging with each other, rather we account for the damage, reawaken and integrate this potent recognition of how the feminine sustains the masculine and the masculine sustains the feminine.

We need to honor both sides – we need to open ourselves to the whole story.

Maybe your culture has always held her on a pedestal and lives from a divine order that dances with the patriarch and matriarch. Valuing the mother’s ability to nourish physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Where you are committed to the mother and father asking for both of them to guide and support us with their sacred wisdom versus just one. A place where the duality is seen as a divinely non-dual expression that we get to co-create with in all the parts of our life. Where we respect the darkness and invite in the light to expose the passion of our innermost self and her healing sanctuary.

Is it not the work of our inhale and exhale that sustains our beingness?

Have we not been guided to live from our egoic self rather than show up for our soul and collective consciousness. The ideas of every ‘man’ for himself, don’t cry – you’re ok, dismiss the darkness as bad, deny yourself the truth of your existence/experience, no pain no gain, your life – your problem. These are all patterns from the past that have already started to evolve and shift. These are the unconscious wounds we can transform into wisdom, moving from pain and returning back to peace in order for our soul to grow gracefully. The chance to embrace, evolve, embody the brilliance of our authentic self.

Fortunately there is a lot of research sharing how when we acknowledge and claim our patterns and points of pain then we immediately progress into the opportunity to heal, nourish and rise. There is also research that shows change of this magnitude doesn’t transform to wisdom over night. It requires baby steps and acknowledgement to shift, this is where we experience the transmutation of wounds to wisdom.

However we can begin to be a witness and observe the ways we engage in our life. Be responsible about the choices we make. Breathe in new life regularly and consciously in order to receive the wisdom of our future. All of this, as we try to find our way through the dark.

If we simply begin, commit, nourish and engage with the intimacy of our own self, a path presents itself where we can pioneer a new reality that materializes by living aligned. Then we can experience a recognition and grand respect of both the masculine and feminine.
This is not the beginning nor the end yet it is a time to step up and begin to accept the ways we have controlled the feminine, pushed the divine mother and exhausted the resources that help us find the sacred and live committed to the compassion and values of our souls.
This is not a radical view nor is it some major revelation. It just requires change and the time to heal. Time to go inward and listen to the guidance of your soul.

The partial lunar eclipse is asking us to release and let the light in. What area and where depends on your soul’s code. We can’t take on the whole world at once though we can show up and heal our own wounds in order to gain the wisdom of how we can step forward.

Soulscopes are here to give you a little nudge and an area to focus. You can look at the Scorpio Taurus axis in your chart you can also ready your sun, moon and rising sign. The stars are here for you and guide us through the darkest of nights.

Confused? Schedule a Soul Session to gain clarity of how the goddess energy and the feminine can support you in your life.


Scorpio – Taurus Opposition – Partial lunar eclipse at 27° Taurus

TAURUS: You matter and you need to awaken to the potential you have even if you are being pushed way outside of your comfort zone! Allow the aspirations of the way you want to be remembered guide you. Nourish your values and priorities and ask your soul for insights on how to work with the discord of your own innocence. The wounds of your partners push you into an emotional depth and they need you to remain authentic with healthy boundaries as you engage intimately with those willing to nourish your path.

GEMINI: Continue to nourish the story line of your soul and know you are responsible for the story you want to be told. As hard as it is to do, go inward and listen for the guidance of how to commit with curiosity. Then engage intimately with the sacred depth in your daily endeavors. The foundation of your soul can illuminate your daily efforts especially as you traverse pathways which push you into new depths of experience and understanding rather than just fluttering around waiting for the world to entertain you. All of this leads to innovation and a powerful connection with the wisdom of future adventures.

CANCER: What are you doing so that you don’t take on the pain and suffering of the world? Nourish the path that can contribute to humanities emotional wellbeing. As a whole we are awakening to the light that expands it just means you too have to feel into your own journey and surrender to your own creative power. Command the recognition of the emotional currency that allows for evolution of the highest good. Feel into all that allows you to be authentic and illuminate your royal nature. Remain ambitious and aligned with your dream of honoring the mysterious darkness and exposing the light…gracefully.

LEO: Your light can shine so bright you don’t see the power of how the wounds have nourished you along your path. The good part of the story – you always encourage everyone to rise, to expand the light and  lead with their brilliance. Whatever continues to come up at home do not dismiss it. This call of the re-imagination of the feminine needs you. The lioness knows when to pounce. Respect and release so that you can feel the effortless unfolding of wisdom. The potential for your soul to take root as the foundation of your life depends on you committing to the flame of your heart. Shine your light at home and command recognition of how the world can awaken by being the light you are meant to be.

VIRGO: Scan your immediate environment and listen for the words that can set you free. Commit to making the world a better place by honoring your own relationship with the feminine. Can you love and adore your whole self and go inward celebration of the intimate nature of your sacred spark. Ritual serves you well so acknowledge your desires and needs. This allows for authenticity with healthy boundaries. No one needs perfection right now, everything is messy, but we do need your creative ways of how to appreciate the royalty of your soul in all that you do.

LIBRA: Value the relationship you have with beauty and know that there is beauty in the breakdown. The messy land of your inner world holds the treasures of your heart if you let go of needing everything to be just right. Continue to value your inner world not because you command every feeling to be peace, love and harmony – but because you are here to do your light justice and those emotions sit deep within the fabric of our heart. Trust in the unfolding and create an intimate connection with the hopes, dreams and aspirations. Keep in mind that optimism is essential. Let your soul charm you and know there is divine in the depths.

SCORPIO: While you have no issue feeling deeply you just might be feeling into a new depth of radical transformation as the world is awakening with you. Continue to engage with your fascination of this grand undoing and shine your light confidently. Those in your immediate environment are reflecting messages of the ways we must be accountable for the wisdom that will rise. Bring your hopes, dreams and aspirations home with optimism and connect with your future self authentically. Do not be surprised by the steady insights being revealed of what has to go. Not being attached is the work and prioritize your passions in a grounded way.

SAGITTARIUS: Now you know the story has been shifting for some time. As you have journeyed into the depths of your being, your beliefs of the world changing, and somehow you continue to trust in the unfolding. Have faith in the emotional intimacy that asks you to leap into unknown territory and bring the wisdom you have been cultivating with you. Those baby steps feel like giant leaps so continue to lean in and claim the wisdom of your soul as you focus on healing the wounds of the past and bringing the abundance into your daily life and your life’s work.

CAPRICORN: Now you get to re-prioritize what truly matters. In this radical breakdown of your soul you will want to commit to the intimate landscape of your innermost self. This may sound bizarre but the wounds of your future are guiding you. Create a powerful foundation, a sanctuary within the heart that you can return to and reclaim the resources of your soul. Trust in the unfolding as the wounds of what was will connect you to the dreams of what is yet to be. Create authentically with a knowing of prosperity. The void can feel intolerable, but it is in this place of darkness and uncertainty that we can create the richness of our life.

AQUARIUS: Expand your confidence regarding the future. Give structure to your hopes and dreams. Then know you have to be responsible for the intimate nature of your inner world. Your intellect and innovation will only be remembered if you choose to command accountability for the passion of your soul. Home is where you will gain insight and revelations regarding the roots of your future. Be aware of the currency of your soul, feel into the strategy and value your personal transformation. Your power sits in your ability to live for a brilliant eulogy and you can start now to commit to the way you want the story of your authenticity to be told.

PISCES: The strategy of your dreams have you dancing in and out of reality. While this is a major ingredient in the way you live you might be surprised that those near and dear finally understand the many ways you feel. As our regard for the mystical continues to gain in popularity you can be the confident guide that helps people journey to the other side. Share you talents and gifts with healthy boundaries and bring your authenticity forward everyday. This will help with the sensitivity of feeling everyone else’s energy. Commit to the sanctuary of your soul, call on your future self to guide you, and remember we are all triumphant when we honor the oneness of all with compassion.

ARIES: Breaking free from the power of pioneering this soul shakedown means you understand the need to honor your broken wings and become the innocence that keeps you energized. Breath new life into the dreams of your future. The intimacy of our sacred self means we have to ground our needs and desires of our soul. The depth you have journeyed hopefully has reminded you just how mighty you are and the resources of the divine have risen up to meet you every step of the way. Now it is time to create a clear relationship with your future self and invite the divine feminine into your shared endeavors. This innocence calls on your innate faith and enthusiasm for life. This passion can be seen especially when you take responsibility for your values and commit to the power of transforming wounds into wisdom.


May you remember your beauty, trust in the light and commit to being soulfully you!

Each of us are experiencing a level of SHARED VULNERABILITY we have yet to feel before. The uncertainty is simply the soul’s way of reminding us to call the feminine home and reprioritize the way we engage in our daily lives.

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