Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On October 20, 2021
True Story

The story of you is your true story. This is the story of our soul, the narration of our reality, the truth of our existence. You are sacred and divinely designed.

Buried deep inside of you is a divine spark, your sacred essence. That’s right everyone is sacred everyone contains a divine spark and everyone deserves ability to learn their true story.

In addition, you are brave, courageous, and a warrior. Especially if you’re alive right now. Able to dance with the fluctuating tides of life. Not knowing what sits around the corner. But did we ever now? Or was it just a false sense of safety armor that has supported humanity for a very long time.

Soul Strife

Now we find ourselves at a time of discord, chaos, uncertainty, concern, confusion and commotion. It is a grand undoing where we are witnessing the collective unraveling.

The deal though is this soul strife is different for everyone and the same for each of us. No the playing field is not even nor are we walking in the same ground, but the opportunity to evolve is available to every single one of us…if you choose.

Believe it or not, you can handle it. As intense as it may seem, as heavy the load you might tow, you contain what it takes. Especially when you connect with your soul.

When we choose to lead or at the least live with soul there is something you might want to know…it sounds pretty but it ain’t for the faint of heart.


Soul driven living requires a commitment and the noble heart of a warrior. A brave pioneer that can navigate uncharted terrain and lean into intuition, instinct, vulnerability and faith. One that can discern the depths of encounters, cultivate boundaries, utilize tools, love unconditionally and leap into the great unknown.

It is a path where your greatest power is to choose. Choosing wisely requires a trust of the divine spark within. A willingness to prioritize the light. Listen for the whisper. Nourish the depth compassionately. Illuminate the innocence. Engage with the mystery. Integrate the many. Share the vulnerability. Expand the horizon. Take responsibility. Collaborate with the hopes and dreams of our future. Surrender to the unknown.


Before you tell me you are exhausted. That it sounds good but not right now because you are hanging on by a thread. That all of this sounds like a big healthy serving of authentic and wholehearted living and you are currently in a different battle with life all together….you are not the only one.

Maybe you are just choosing to pass – which is a choice that I honor as you hold authority in your journey.

This is the story of our soul, the narration of our reality, the truth of our existence.

Living with Soul

We are all being invited to live soul centered. The change we are experiencing individually feels like more than enough to last a lifetime.

Except keeping it all the same seems disrespectful of those that have gone before. Those that faced the great mystery believing in a future for you, for me and for your loved ones that are yet to be.

The hardest part of this whole thing…we have to learn to do life differently.

Live with compassion that we are not the only ones yet we can only choose for ourselves.

Embrace our values and respect there is more than one path.

Welcome guidance from outside but ground ourselves with our inner agency.

Accept the change that is shifting perspectives for the rest of history.

It is not a wild abandon of the heart but rather recuperating the hidden mystery of the divine and starting with your sacred spark. Starting with this breathe, day, moon, and present moment of the journey.

Peace and Harmony

No doubt you will forget, get lost along the way, make new friends and expand your potential through the support of the unexpected. You will have to slow down and ask the ego to befriend your soul. To connect with a new understanding of success and productivity.

The result – more peace, satisfaction and harmony. A genuine soul contentment of showing up for this one precious life with no regrets.

This full moon calls forward those of us that are ready. The heavens continue to reveal the true story and the story includes you and your brave heart.

Do not worry. The sun will continue to shine. Let’s reframe her glory and illuminate the depths within to reimagine triumph and victory. Concur none and embrace all, but start small.


Read your rising sign to help hone in on just where to place your focus. Schedule a soul session to know just where to begin. But most importantly – lets begin…together.

PS – invite the goddess – she knows which direction is best.

Aries: Feeling your heart being reignited yet grappling with the direction you are heading…slow down, lean in and start with honoring the courage you continue to cultivate and the vitality that seems out of reach (at the moment). Restructure your choices and listen for the wisdom of your dreams. Expand your vision and value the potential of coming undone. Go inward and allow your sacred spark to reveal the ways to commit to your bright and vibrant future.★♈︎★

Taurus: Ready to have the sacred energy of transformation woven into your identity? Nourish your values and listen to the ways they articulate the wisdom of your legacy even when the future still feels like a grand mystery. Your soul is the hero that serves your beauty and vitality. Continue to cultivate the vision that comes with transformation even when it feels bumpy, unsettling and depleting. Solid ground awaits especially if you are patient. ★♉︎★

Gemini: The whispers of your soul are nourishing even if they oppose the vision of the life you were married too. Network with the revelations creatively making this your sacred reality. Those applauding your efforts are the true hero’s and here lies the innocent vitality. As the potency of shared vulnerability calls forward transparency allow for compassion and tend to your foundation.★♊︎★

Cancer: Compassion is your true nature and your courageous choice of coming home to your sacred soul is a responsibility for not just your journey but the infrastructure of all to which you collaborate. Network with your soul and listen to her creative guidance as this brings a passion to your daily vision. When you feel pushed beyond your sense of comfortable connection turn toward the innocent revelations of your future. Commit to co-creating with the vulnerability you share intimately articulating the beliefs that serve the greater good.★♋︎★

Leo: Entertain us with the wisdom of your own soul’s strife. The innocence that holds the true story of you as your vitality sits with your sense of curiosity. Home is where the heart is and continues to reveal a sense of responsibility. Dive into the intimate depths of your creative potential. Allow the vision of your royal heart will expand by networking with the hopes and dreams. When challenges surface consider compassion for the collective and work with your priorities.★♌︎★

Virgo: Remember how you asked us to serve our soul and embrace the mystery not too long ago, this courageous and noble offering is animating the darkness, encouraging the innocence and restoring the foundation of your being. Be good to yourself and allow the compassion of your future to breathe new life into your being daily. Nurture the network of your legacy as the relationships hold creativity you can ignite in your own home. Commit to co-creating from the foundation of vulnerability by expanding your dreams daily.★♍︎★

Libra: It appears the hero sits at the other side of the table and while it is their time to shine it is a reflection of your beauty, charm, peace and harmony that you have been restructuring at home from the ground up. Value the Articulation of your beliefs network with those that trust in your vision while you dance with the divine daily. The revelation of your vulnerability will feed the soil of your soul. Keep the flame of your collaborations lit while you cultivate a royal level of expansive innocence.★♎︎★

Scorpio: The truth of you is not one that is dark and mysterious but rather provides the revelation of sensual connection to the abundant resources. Perhaps we have all been a bit slow in accepting this sacred art of the dark. Continue to value the vision that sits at the core of your foundation. Intimately network and listen to the vulnerability and creative royalty of life’s innocence. Your soul’s vitality is bravely and brilliantly illuminating the miracle of the mundane. Bring your beliefs home and plant the seeds of your prosperous future that honor your heritage and all that is yet to be. ★♏︎★

Sagittarius: Come home and honor your creative spark, welcoming her mysterious ways that calls for justice in the network of life. Collaborate with your future and shine a light on the warrior at heart. Her innocent and playful demeanor will guide you through the dark days bringing nobility, vitality and peace to the surface. To be true to you is heroic and the more you share these beliefs with those that will listen you will discover you are not alone on this journey of soul discovery. ★♐︎★

Capricorn: The strife of the soul is a reality that you seem to continue to choose to show up and transform just be certain to bring your heroic efforts home. Expand your priorities for the future and commit to the potency of your soul. Surrender to the value of her vision and ignite a light to guide you through the dark patterns of wisdom. The void holds a fertility that can nourish the network of your daily life. Invite in the compassion of those that nourish you, they hold the form of your future and here to remind you that they too carry the weight of our soul’s responsibility. ★♑︎★

Aquarius: Believe in your future and allow this committed connection to illuminate the dark pathway forward. Your vitality sits in connection to your immediate environment and the chaos comes from the power of your soul. Your rational mind needs to come home to reveal the vessel of your true self. Slow down and give form to the perspective that feeds your innocence and intellect. Envision your bright and brilliant future coming alive and blossoming even in the murky waters.★♒︎★

Pisces: The patterns you see are creating your reality. Invite the wisdom of your brilliant and joyful future home anchoring her in the vibrance of your heritage. You know the darkness holds a revelatory power that the world is slowly beginning to see as potent, sacred and powerful. Through this transformation of the collective you continue to reveal the buried treasure of the heart bravely illuminating her vitality in this grand mystery. Compassion will grant you access to your true story and the boundaries you have cultivated in your collaborations will continue to serve and support you.★♓︎★


Curious about the goddess – schedule a soul session and learn how the goddess shows up for you!

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