Dreaming A Bigger Dream

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On March 2, 2022
dreaming a bigger dream

Dreaming a bigger dream is the invitation for this lunar cycle. Though it seems so daring right now. Our hearts are being cracked open again and again. Each of us, all of us witnessing an expression of life that honestly you cannot make up. Some of us are un-phased by the world’s events and some of us barely even certain what to do. Yet there is a vast field of opportunity for each of us where we can awaken to what our heart desires and this lunar cycle affirms the opportunity to dream a bigger dream.

Cosmically, right now, we are in an alignment that encourages us to connect with our intuition more so than our intellect. To dream a bigger dream may seem incredibly difficult at the moment when you turn on the news and look at world events. Yet at the same time it is even more important to imagine a world where we are able to live and share the earth, have healthy boundaries and discover what an opportunity it is to come alive.

The heavens above invite us to articulate the truth and dwell in the vision that guides you and carries life forward in an optimal expression of you. It may not all make sense and it doesn’t have to be perfect, just give yourself permission to lean into the opportunity of life.

Feel Into the Depths

Miracles are in the air as is a deep and intense transformation that is rocking our foundation. The exhaustion, uncertainty, challenges and darkness are real especially for those of us that feel the depths on a daily basis. Being able to arrive with a vision for a more brilliant experience with life may seem superficial, lacking structure and support – yet it is where we begin. It provides the boundary for the boundless waves of emotion that continues to arise (assuming you aren’t blocking and avoiding the circumstances of life).

We begin acknowledging the miracle that can arrive when we decide to show up for our highest potential and believe in what can be. As some would say – choose or die.

Call in the structure and focus on our future to anchor a brilliance that is being unlocked in each of us. Then we dream and take action on a daily basis with the ability to engage with the habits and practices that allow us to live soulfully. To live skillfully where we shine our light back into what can feel like a dark world knowing we are co-creating with the universe and encouraging the opportunity of others to awaken to their truth, brilliance and beauty as well.

The details reveal themselves as you remain committed to healing and tending to the depths of your being.

Claim the vision and feel into the opportunity by allowing your soul to guide you.

Soul Guidance

Your soul’s direction speaks through you when you slow down and listen, receive and invite in the guidance. This relationship with our sacred essence, our inner selves is being highlighted with this new moon.

This lunation encourages us to dream a bigger dream by noticing and recognizing how your soul wants to be seen, what needs to break free so you can claim an elevated embodiment of life. Translation … by releasing the underlying fears, concern, confusion and uncertainty then you awaken to a life filled with ease, enjoyment and delight as you dance to the soundtrack of your heart guided by your soul.

A simple step is tuning into the dance of the sun and moon and allowing cultivating your own relationship with the luminaries of the sky. If the stars are the handwriting of God, then the sun and moon illuminate the rhythm of the universe supporting our experience here on Earth.

Be All of Who You Are

This is the opportunity before us – embracing body, mind, spirit and soul.

Tuning into and becoming conscious of our energetic patterns & habits of relationships. Your power resides in taking responsibility and choosing to show up by looking inward and honoring the depth of your truth. Looking at what has happened in life over time can be overwhelming, so go gently and if it has been enjoyable and trauma free – celebrate, otherwise ask for help and know you are not alone a do not need to continue to experience this level of pain alone.

Honoring these wounds is a journey of wholeness where you can be all of whom you are because there is wisdom in the wounds that will guide others on the path of life. Yes, I realize that at times it can feel like a brutal rewiring that is hard to grasp yet this is because of the intense truth that resides in parts of ourselves that is ready to evolve and guide us into our brilliant future where we are loved, seen and celebrated.

As Within

Experiences of our soul are being highlighted which are tied to our fears. Separation, abandonment, betrayal, disbelief of what is possible in partnership and relationship dynamic. Look at relationship within you and honor the energy and relationship with yourself and the universe. It is all connected. Look at the messages around relationships that has surfaced and what needs to break free, purge and cleanse.

Start within yourself. What are you doing to understand your own love language and strengthen this energy rather than waiting on life or another individual to do it for you. Call in your guides, your soul, your highest self to support you and show you. If you struggle with this, perhaps this is exactly where you begin.

Sometimes when the universe shows us what needs to shift and evolve it can be down right painful. We find ourselves challenged on every level – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Through the loss of this radical shift there is new potential wanting to come in, revealing herself and connecting with you in a way that is compassionate and supportive.

As hard as it is to remember in these moments of intensity it is the time to claim what you want. Identify what you want in this new, healed and healthier version of yourself and choose to move towards it, feel it and spend time leaning into the depths of the dream.

By tending to the depths of your true self you will realize you can choose something new and different that helps you evolve. This is where you can dwell in the vision and claim the feeling that will awaken your soul so you can feel guided by grace and live a life you love.

Vulnerability At Its Finest

In these radical moments, where it seems the inner most layers of ourselves are being exposed, you are allowed to cry, fall apart and come undone. You also want to know, trust, and believe that you are immensely supported and that you will be okay. This right here might be one of the harder parts of our soul’s evolution.

Look at how you are managing life, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Work with the energy of your whole self especially when the human condition includes overwhelm, uncertainty, anxiety and confusion. Be sure to care for yourself and support these energetic moments, the breakdowns usually surprise us with breakthroughs.

Again, you are not alone and while acknowledging your needs can be hard, asking for help can also be a challenging component in your path to healing. When you do find the courage, the freedom that greets you affirms this opportunity to come alive and forge ahead.

Be You

Spend time getting clear in the ways you will call forward authentic, trustworthy and brilliant relationships to support this bigger dream for life. Starting with yourself. The relationship you hold with yourself is one of the most valuable and important relationships you have. Then when you look outward for help, utilize discernment, wisdom, being aware of how you show up and how others show up for you.

Feel into what you want. Care for your energy. Be honest with yourself and take responsibility for the choices you are making. Look at how you have evolved and give pause to respect the efforts so that you can receive and embrace the wisdom. Understand there is always healing to be had and asking for help is your responsibility – whether it be from your soul, your guides, your family, friends or a trusted professional.

Take heart. The universe is on your side. Anxiously awaiting to support and amplify the opportunity of you.

Next Level Embodiment

The underlying energy of our fears, conscious and unconscious, is ready to break free, evolve and change. There can be an ease when we recognize that the universe is on our side and wants us to have a new experience with life. The next level of embodiment is available when we look within to release and remove what is binding us. This is when we can co-create consciously a life that is elevated and embody a loving expression of your truth.

Begin now and begin again and again. This is the pattern of earth school and by looking to the pattern of the heavens we can claim our vision and find direction especially when the energy is overwhelming. The cosmos speak wisdom and we are all invited to receive the wisdom in the way that serves. You take what you need and leave the rest because it is all being offered with the highest good and harm to none.

Waxing Energy

When the sun and moon align in the same point of the sky we begin again just like the start of a new day or the beginning of a fresh breath. The first few days we can crystalize our intention by dreaming a bigger dream for ourselves. Write it down, light a candle, meditate with it, spend time seeing it in existence and connect to the feeling that this dream brings forward. You will feel momentum around this energy over the next two weeks until the moon is full.

Before the full moon we have the opening square, known as the first quarter. Here we will encounter a challenge, which might even be the fact that we stop engaging with our soul’s vision, and it is here that we realign to stay the course. The journey continues and the week between the first quarter and full moon we find support to claim and stand in our light.

Keep in mind this is one cycle that is a part of many more cycles. There are universal themes that the lunation presents, yet the way we each experience them is completely individual. The SOULSCOPES are here to help you navigate and support your own journey. They align best when you read your rising sign (which you can find via co-star for free). I know we all know our sun sign, which is valuable – but you are so much more than just that identity – like your moon and rising sign!

Pisces New Moon Soulscopes

Pisces: Be you in all you do as you bring to life the energy of your soul’s dreams. When your relationship with yourself is good – enjoy it and share it with the world, when it is rough – ask for help. Make the commitment to be compassionate towards yourself especially as your networks and vision for the future shifts in new ways. Release the addiction to denying yourself what is possible. Believe in yourself, your dreams, your vision. Be confident in your future and commit to your soul’s vision.

Aquarius: The desires of your soul can be found in all that you value, prioritize and trust. Feel deeply into what matters in your life and bring attention to the identity you claim and choose to improve within. You are your greatest responsibility and by focusing on the depths of your dreams, you can let go of the connections that don’t honor your whole self. The leap you are making requires a belief in the unseen and all that is supporting you. The energy that fuels you forward comes from grounding new habits that support self care even if it means being innovative and surprising yourself.

Capricorn: The energy that has been building is finally ready to clear, release and be reborn. Look to your heart and feel the depth of your soul. Create from this space of truth while listening to the conversations around you. Feel into the comfort of your immediate environment and keep company with those that believe in you. Release the vision of what you thought would be and awaken a new dream that honors the wholeness of you. May your greatest accomplishment be your ability to be centered, whole, and present to the wisdom of your soul.

Sagittarius: The relationship with yourself deserves your valuable attention. Come home and surrender. Surrender and surrender some more. When you tend to your private affairs, you can ground your dream and expand your vision.  Be present and committed to the ways you articulate your vision. Remain positive about your inner world. The parts of yourself are here to help expand the connection with your soul and confidently shift the way you show up and embody life. You bring joy to the world when you are true to you.

Scorpio: This is the time to look inward and tend to the wounds and deeply care for yourself trusting the process is full of grace. Have confidence in your hearts potential and dream a royal dream that expands your creative endeavors. It may feel like your are rebuilding from the inside out. Claim your vision and feel into the depths of your true self. As you focus on the relationship with yourself the wisdom that comes from the transformation will give you the structure and determination to forge ahead dreaming a bigger dream with your whole heart and soul.

Libra: Dream a bigger dream like it is your job. Show up everyday feeling into the depths and tend to the wounds that undermine your sense of self worth. Integrate the parts of your into the whole of you and remember your power resides in choosing to live, take responsibility and live the wisdom that comes with radical acceptance. Shift the habits around the way you value what you bring to the world. The vulnerability you have been experiencing is supported as long as you ask for help. Your angels and guides are with you every step of the way, spend time with your soul and allow her to guide you into new territory that enlivens the flame of your true self.

Virgo: Your soul is your friend – not your enemy, Now is the time to trust your vision for your relationship with life even if it feels difficult to grasp. Open yourself to the possibility and dissolve your need to know every detail. The self talk that denies you from moving forward is a clue to the parts of you that are ready to be healed. Release the pattern that undermines your potential. Your heart and soul are royal and it is up to you to consciously choose to co-create with the universe and feel supported enough to claim the vision and dream a bigger dream. Commit to connecting with your higher self daily in a way that serves you and values your potential. Talk with her and call forward her guidance in how to heal the relationship with your true self and the promise of an enjoyable experience of life.

Leo: Share your dream with your soul and surrender to her guidance. Examine your relationship with the way you show up for life and be of service to the wisdom that surfaces when you heal the wounds of your roots. Break free from patterns and energy that keep you over worked and call forward connections that celebrate your hopes and dreams. Focus on the relationship with your higher self and trust that she is sharing the potency of grace, wisdom and opportunity through this daily intimacy. Your soul is bright and ready to surprise the world in the way you value the unseen support that guides your way on.

Cancer: Dream a bigger dream and trust in the opportunities that continue to present themselves. Use discernment as you shift the relationship you hold with life. Keep company with those that believe in your ability to awaken and enliven your heart and soul. Hold space to heal all that continues to transform and be willing to forgive yourself along the way. Your soul’s wants to share her wisdom and she is committed to the vision you hold for your future. Listen to her with curiosity and embark on a journey where you expand your intuition and embrace a life where you are living your wildest dreams.

Gemini: Dreaming a bigger dream is your responsibility so claim your vision and allow it to be your legacy. Have confidence in the way the world sees you by believing in your vision for the future. The universe has your back and your soul will continue to surprise you when you value the innovation of your intuition. Remain determined in the relationship with yourself. Yes you have undergone immense transformation that has left you vulnerable at times. No need to be stoic and you will find renewed sense of self when you ask for help to release the deep wounds of your soul. The details of how to step forward will surface when you allow the truth of your soul to guide you. Believe in your widest dreams they desire to come true.

Taurus: The ability to endure the relentless change is not for the faint of heart. Yet, you continue to surprise yourself in the immense trust you hold in your soul’s ability to guide you forward. Please practice self forgiveness as it will renew your sense of strength and ambition as you forge ahead. Continue to connect and cultivate practices that support your intuition. Call on your guides and angles to show you the way as you dream a bigger dream for yourself and imagine a brilliant future for the children of the world.

Aries: Feel into what can be and claim your vision for a bright and brilliant future. The relationship with yourself is your greatest responsibility and there is profound power when you continue to prioritize your healing. Hold space to receive the wisdom that comes honoring your whole self as this will give structure to the strategy of your soul that is ready to awaken into this next phase of embodiment. The universe applauds your relentless confidence and enthusiasm for bringing your dreams to life.

Waning Energy

Once the moon moves as far away from the sun as possible in the sky above, we have what we call culmination – or the point in which the darkness is illuminated and what was once hidden can now be seen. This moment we are invited to stand in our light, to honor the journey and celebrate our commitment, discoveries and realizations. Sometimes you find what you were looking for, but for most of us, the new moon we plant the seed, and the full moon we discover the growth and potential of that seed.

From here we begin to release and recognize what came to fruition and what did not. The energy and heightened momentum begins to fade. Mind you this isn’t a time to stop, shut down, and call it quits. This is the time where we see what we have harvested and can work with the fruits of our efforts.

When we come to the point where the moon is 270º from the sun, we have the closing square, another challenging moment that is called the last quarter. Here we are to integrate the lessons, call forward forgiveness and bring a connection to the way the journey has been of service to our soul’s evolution.

Soulscopes are written for the entire lunation and are here to help you process the journey and provide guidance so you don’t loose site along the way. The sky will have shifted and so will have you. For each of us there will be support from the unseen energy – remain open to your soul’s guidance and if you need help along the way – reach out or schedule a soul session to receive guidance, support and encouragement to dreaming a bigger dream!

Virgo Full Moon Soulscopes

Pisces: Your soul is here to serve the dreams that live deep within as long as you can create healthy boundaries with the people in your life. The company you keep will surprise you with innovative support when you choose to keep company with the ones that believe in your ability. The world is beginning to awaken to the power of the unseen, and while you lead the way value the strategy and listen carefully to the messages of your future as they give structure to the collective.

Aquarius: This next level embodiment comes from your inner relationship with your self. Network with your whole being, the vehicle that carries you forward in this life, and be good to the areas that are calling forward a major shift in the way you do business. Look at how you view the energy of vulnerability and the power that surfaces when you choose to transform at a soul level. Come home to the support of the universe and listen with curiosity while you take good care of your true self.

Capricorn: The work of connecting and listening to your souls guidance continues to support you as you move forward one step at a time. Speak with your guides, your higher self regularly and listen to the ways they want to support you. The next level embodiment asks that you connect with a higher perspective around your values, priorities, and the connection you make with your body. Understand there is always healing to be had and asking for help is your responsibility – whether it be from your soul, your guides, your family, friends or a trusted professional.

Sagittarius: Come home to your soul and feel into what you want. Care for your energy and cultivate and elevated relationship with yourself and your environment. Be honest with yourself and take responsibility for the choices you are making. Look at how your priorities have shifted. Pause to respect the efforts so that you can receive and embrace the wisdom that the world see’s within you.

Scorpio: Experiences of our soul are being highlighted which are tied to our fears and keeping our true self hidden. Rather than live with a disbelief of what is possible, work towards a network that supports radical healing and create partnerships that respect the dynamics around living soul centered. We are here for one another and if we transform the way we work together we can cultivate amazing systems that lift each other up. The hopes and dreams you hold for your future need you to expand the beliefs around being soul-fully you.

Libra: The beauty in being you shows up in all you do and your soul is hard at work with you. Notice and embrace the power of your soul’s guiding light. She is here to work with you to co-create and expand your ability to truly be of service. Dance with the soundtrack of your heart regularly and know this next level embodiment, the strength you seek already sits within. Choose to come home and respect what needs to break free. Clarify the boundaries you have with your relationship to life and then ground the wisdom within as this will illuminate the path before you

Virgo: Become disciplined in your habit of living with compassion and curiosity rather than judgement and criticism. Your angels are here to help you activate your intuition and awaken your soul. Make your truth and inner brilliance a daily priority in order to bring in this next level embodiment Begin now and begin again and again. Look to the patterns of the heavens to claim your vision and find direction especially when the energy is heavy or defeating. Connect with the cosmic wisdom as all the stars shine for you and are here to support the art of being you.

Leo: The ways your soul desires to support you were once hidden and can now be seen. Invite your dreams to guide you and expand your connection to the authentic vulnerability that sits at the depths of your truth. Spend time getting clear in the ways you will call forward authentic, trustworthy and brilliant relationships that support this next level embodiment. Starting with yourself so that you can illuminate the path for others. When you do look outward for help, utilize discernment, and be aware of the ways you show up and how others show up for you.

Cancer: Getting out of your comfort zone and networking with the unseen energy is one of the more powerful ways you can bring forward more of your compassionate wisdom. Choose habits, people and dreams that believe in your ability and want you to share your guidance with them. As we all dream a new dream, you understand the need for acceptance and this helps to expand the horizon of opportunity for your soul and your soul sisters.

Gemini: Asking for help only increases your charm and ability to work your magic. The world sees the inner work you have been doing. You might even be willing to share how you have finally allowed yourself to connect with the depths and respect the power of vulnerability. You could say this is your soul breaking through and now you can carry forward  the messages of renewal and growth that come with radical transformation.

Taurus: In these radical moments of life work with the energy of your whole self. If it seems the inner most layers are being exposed know those tears and coming undone are here to support the devotion of your soul. Remember, you are immensely supported and you will be okay. Work with the energy of your whole self especially when the human condition includes overwhelm, uncertainty, anxiety and confusion. Be sure to care for yourself and support these energetic moments, the breakdowns usually surprise us with breakthroughs.

Aries: You are not alone! On your path to healing, acknowledging your needs might seem hard, asking for help can be just as challenging. When you do find the courage, it isn’t about abolishing your fears but rather showing up and feeling into the depths. This energy is evolving for the collective. The way you show up matters and you will find the freedom that greets you affirms this opportunity to come alive and forge ahead with the light of your soul.


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