Yoga…all natural

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On January 10, 2012

This first entry may not be very pretty. There are no preservatives, added hormones or artificial flavoring. Please be kind if the appearance isn’t always ‘picture perfect’ I’m trying to be totally organic. An all natural offering from my heart. Sure there is a little ego, how else would these words appear for all the world to see. And of course the mind is responsible for organizing and arranging the flow of words, but that’s what makes it organic. All parts fitting together harmoniously as necessary parts of the whole.

When I mention the word heart, I really should say, essence, spirit, or soul. Yes, on the gross level, the physical heart beats blood through our system. Carrying oxygen throughout the body so that we can BE humans. But on a more subtle, less tangible level, I refer to the heart as the place in which we connect to the source, the essence of our existence.  A center within the body that we can experience the divine nature of life, where the spirit of the individual connects back to the absolute, the ultimate, that which there is none higher.

When our offering comes straight from the heart, it’s a living, pulsating, radiating gesture of consciousness. Yes…an expression of God. Each day I am blown away that I have been given the opportunity to be me. Each day you are given the opportunity to be you.  A great way to honor this divine opportunity, is a yoga practice, a sadhana.

Yoga is a method that helps unite our individual self with the absolute. Reminding us that we don’t suck, we are part of something great, and contain more than we could ever imagine.  My sadhana includes not only the physical practice but also the practice of meditating. Sitting with the divine and awakening to the currents of Grace.  My sadhana has revealed that Grace is ever present. Though the divine can’t always be seen, touched or understood I’ve come to recognize that all parts are necessary and ultimately fit within the whole.

As I step deeper into the path of yoga, constantly opening to grace, deepening my connection to the divine, to that which there is none higher, I’m reminded of the many creative forms in which the spirit manifests.  Thus this new offering straight from my heart, yoga all natural… Yoga Full of Grace.

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