Yoga diversified

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On July 15, 2013

This is sometimes what I want to call my style of yoga. Even the way I practice off the mat because that takes more of the form of a seat these days than a bunch of down dogs. Yes I still practice asana since I teach asana, but I also think that meditation will rock your world (in a safe and good way) faster than any down dog or pigeon pose. Yet, the asana, the physical is the entry point. Those whose practice contains a lot of sweat and spacing out are doing more than the people who never try it and the physical brings a level of awareness and confidence in thinking positively about themselves. So as a student I know what I like, or what is of best service for myself, mainly cause I’ve tried it all out. Except I can’t keep up with the times. I saw a video of an old friend’s class that it appeared they did the ‘train’ during class…more power to her and everyone for waking up more of their creative flow. So I guess I haven’t tried out everything.

As a teacher, I feel that if I am going to teach yoga I can’t just know a script and ask everyone else to fit the mold. That I have to continue to diversify the way I offer a class so an advanced yoga still is challenged to expand and a newby can feel enough trust to explore ~ especially if they are in the same class. For about 8 years straight I was doing about 3 major trainings a year. It was almost habit to be running off learning more, but I was teaching in environments that weren’t just upper middle class (this is the non-diversified side of yoga in my public classes currently which makes me sad). I was in settings that required me to be able to work with a woman that is 250 pounds that was in the same class as a male athlete training for the boston marathon. This is just one example of the diverse nature of physicality that has entered the room. In order though to help facilitate a connection to caring for themselves, for cultivating self compassion, worth and serenity, my own skills have to be diversified.

There are so many styles of yoga ~ but that isn’t exactly what I am talking about ~ instead it’s being able to be draw from a variety of methods of connecting with individuals. Sure the context is yoga, but holding space so that each person can feel valued and be supported in their efforts, (and even practice meditation) means for me, my style of yoga has to expand beyond just one approach, method, or style. Yoga Full of Grace, a diversified approach to awakening the wellspring of your own heart.

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