Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On September 6, 2021
In Service of Your Soul

Being able to hold an intention as you show up in your daily life can bring salvation to these wild times. Oprah has even shared how living intentionally saved her life. If we hold an intention this lunar month (September 6 – October 6) to be in service of you soul, then perhaps we can create order out of the chaos and find beauty in the mess of our reality.

For each of us we can look to our habits, how we care for our health and wellbeing. The routine’s we establish as the days transition and we organize the success of our brilliance.

Virgo season is about the ways we engage and the embodiment of our true self.

This month though we are in a place of re-establishing and recognizing how much needs to be reconsidered, reorganized and remembered.

If you can re-imagine and re-embody your life to include a level of receptivity, responsibility, acceptance and participation then the chance of reclaiming the truth of your essence and the sacred essence of the collective drastically improves.

Chances are you have zero interest in high level drama and surface level bull-crap. The need to dig beneath the surface and come back home to the light of your true self is a longing that sits within each of us. Yet the effort involved requires a devotion to the improvement of our existence.

Showing up for yourself is essential right now and I encourage you to use the lunar energy as a way to see the divine at work. To synchronize more fully with the rhythm of the cosmos and to feel supported by the unseen energy of life. Then we can co-create this life and a provide a future that allows the innocent a chance to also come alive.

Good news – the sun, moon and stars shine for each and everyone of us. Not sure – read the beginning of the Bible or just go outside and witness the natural rhythm of life. We all live by divine time that is created by the movement of the earth revolving around the sun. It is one of the more profound and sacred mysterious that deserves a conscious connection.

Honestly, that might be the best intention for this month – to remember how we are all interconnected and whatever challenge you are facing – you are not alone.

Together we can pray for the healing of our world and awaken to new ideas, innovation and allow for the wisdom of our soul to come forward.

To me, this is what it means to be in service of our soul.

You can refine your intention based on the energy of your sun, moon and rising sign. If that is too much, then just look to your sun sign and make a commitment to collect the evidence of how the divine is ever present in your life.


The soulscopes are here to further that reflection and connection to how your soul continues to travel and evolve in this journey of life. They are written based on the alignment of the sky and can be incredibly grounding during these wild times of humanity.

VIRGO: What would it be like to see yourself as a pure embodiment of the divine? To let go of the judgement and criticism that impedes your journey of self discovery? To remain motivated to heal and be a disciple of your own sacred spark? To allow the world you see and relationships you hold (in both the seen and unseen world) to support you and motivate you to be your number one priority. The way choose to respond to the collective is your legacy. It will reawaken the buried wisdom that provides soul renewal. Everyone is being asked to divorce their traditional views and return to the innocence that is being lost. Yet if you can stay focused on re-establishing this connection to your whole self – you will pave a path that honors your values and allows you to grow your brilliance there is no doubt you will make the world a better place.

LIBRA: Breathe into the mysterious ways of life. Find peace as you close your eyes and re-imagine this world of peace. The relationship you hold with yourself is essential and while it may feel like it is being challenged in ways where you are not certain how to proceed, make the commitment to both the spiritual realm and the material. You are being asked to remember our non-dual nature and come home to the light of your own divine spark. Listen to both sides of the story and you will connect with new levels of understanding. This then brings the growth of your heart and soul. The wisdom resides buried in the moments of vulnerability and as you hear the whisper of your own wounds, make your healing a priority and lean into your soul’s strength daily you will be in service of your soul.

SCORPIO: Believe it or not – the hopes and dreams you hold, the motivation you feel regarding ancient methods and modern technology, the collective participation of humanity is the deep dive that is calling you forward. Let go of the traditional ideas you have held about your value and worth and share the language that can nurture vulnerability in relationships to amplify your sense of worth. It also brings a reframe regarding what freedom truly is for you. Stay curious in your ways of re-establishing your connection to the wholeness of life. Do know that it is not easy hearing the whispers of the collective yet this connection will help you collaborate with those that value your strength and ability to reconnect to the sacred spark of life. Your soul’s strength resides in the mysterious energies that keep you light bright.

SAGITTARIUS: Freedom – it haunts you and is the energy that you get to re-collaborate with as you divorce yourself from the traditional understanding. Yep, your legacy matters and showing up for your true brilliant self will be remembered. Stay motivated in your ability to recommit to receiving guidance from the world and relationships as they entertain you and encourage your adventurous nature. Your daily life continues to radically shift and may even feel as if you are re-inventing yourself. Know there is wisdom buried deep in your daily devotion. Your heart wants to heal. Re-establish the connection to just how valuable your whole self truly is – even the wounds that have been buried. Allow the people that want to applaud your dedication to relearning the lessons of your past and you might discover your ability to articulate the passion behind vulnerability. This level of service will bring a new understanding of your soul’s truth to life.

CAPRICORN: This never ending plea from the heavens to re-establish your connection to wholeness is beginning to feel promising. Realizing life holds more than just being achievement driven is not for the weak of heart. You know how important it is to remain a disciple of the divine and even more to be in service of your soul. Hold the intention to bring forward the truth of receptivity, acceptance and participating with a feminine embodiment. This involves compassion, forgiveness and surrendering to what was so that what can be can reveal herself daily. Your heart is re-awakening to a buried wisdom that wants to shine. Listen for what is still needing to be healed while you also take the lead in the relationship with your soul’s beauty. Bring that brilliance forward!

AQUARIUS: What can you tell me about vulnerability? About the energy that is asking to open yourself to relearning what you understand about life and humanity as a whole. This holds the energy for grace filled growth. It is a royal opportunity for awakening the interconnectedness that you know of so well. Remind yourself on the regular that the greatest resources are often unseen. Breathe into the wisdom that is buried in your sense of creativity. Your dreams for your future are breaking free from tradition especially when you connect this level of connection to your daily life. Speak the truth of this grand adventure and continue to value the path to freedom for all!

PISCES: Reflect back to the people in your life just how brilliant they are. Allow your soul’s light to shine a light upon them and they can bring the organization to what you are longing to see in your own life. The magic you hold is being illuminated and the divine connection you hold with grace is gluing the soul of the collective. The lessons of the world as a whole are restructuring the way we all will grow together especially as humanity re-establishes this connection to the magic of our heart and soul. You help by remaining curious to the wisdom buried within innocent moments and how this is the source of renewal. Care deeply for these innocent ways of serving the soul and know your legacy is being illuminated as you re-commit to the freedom of your true self.

ARIES: Seeing as you are in the fire of the soul and getting to bring the feminine awakening to the surface trust that this lunation is giving you all the power and permission to slow down and receive the divine on a daily basis. Amplify your soul care routine as this is the boost of energy you might be craving. Your prayers are being heard and while it feels what you thought would have been is still crumbling – you are rebuilding the relationship to what is still to come. We are all learning the lessons of life together and while it may feel like you are being pushed to the edge – your passion is expanding the growth that you believe in to your core. Allow the people you trust help you find your new rhythm and they will also have insight this month in the way you can continue to be noble in this life as you remain devoted to your sacred spark.

TAURUS: Remaining anchored in grace is proving to be the salve of your soul. As you are broken down through all the change you feel to the core of your being, you are also invited to revitalize the brilliance of your devotion with every breath. Be good to your heart and know that you bring such a promising energy into the world and the rooms you step into reflecting the strength of the collective. The challenges of having to reconsider how you want to be remembered ask that you also recognize the grand opportunity to value your relationship with your daily life. Make the commitment to serve your soul – this is your super power.You are the peace keeper of your daily endeavors and remaining devoted to this innocence will renew your sense of self and ability to be soulfully you.

GEMINI: Curious of just who you are? Felling opportunities of life a bit fated leaving you feeling a bit childlike (or overwhelmed) as you step forward into this next phase of life? Trust that your soul’s journey is carrying you forward into new expressions of embodiment. You can serve your soul by amplifying your connection to your roots – biological and soulful. Know that this curiosity is the energy behind your brilliance and the energy of innocence allows for the depth of healing. Entertain the ways you can be playful as you reawaken the voice of your heart’s truth. Come home to your soul and release the need to preach this new level of understanding life. The potential for your soul’s salvation requires the ability to really listen to the adventures of the world around you. Reimagine your future as you embrace the lineage of your soul and lean into your ability to articulate how we can make the world a better place.

CANCER: Nourish the innocence of your soul, please feed her on a daily basis. Bring an awareness to the many ways your soul has always been guiding you. This promise is a true disciple of your life’s path. Trusting in the roots of your brilliance is going to require an acceptance of the past, knowing you can care your soul by becoming vulnerable with the lessons of your legacy. You have a strong hand in awakening the feminine so remain compassionate with yourself and those you encounter. Listen for the language of healing and become excited about the ways you get to be in service of your soul. The evidence of the unseen continues to become the truth you seek and provides the wisdom that is reawakening your future especially as you can receive your whole self. You matter just as much as the ones you love.

LEO: Truth is out – your brilliant light can be hidden from you. Come home to your values, and make the divine your priority. You know more than anyone how essential it is to heal through play, innocence and delighting in a love for life. Now you get to listen to how this innocence can heal the wounds of the warriors. Let go of the loud expressions of authenticity and rather recommit to the truth of your sacred spark. Those connections of your life are going to help support this relearning of collaboration. You might find yourself blessed with opportunities that dive deep into the magic of the unseen. This buried wisdom that you are reawakening is not something to take lightly. Choose to be present to the source of renewal. Remaining in service of your soul will be remembered for generations to come.

If you want more support then book a SOUL SESSION. We will awaken your natal chart that hold’s your soul’s promise. It is a powerful way to reconnect to the truth of your heart and live a brilliant life!

You can also find connection to living intentionally by joining the SOULFULLY YOU facebook group where I provide daily insights to reflect upon and connect to your heart and soul.

At very minimum – live with the awareness of how you can show up in service of your soul!!!

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