Sacred Journey of Soul – Embrace the Mystery

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On September 20, 2021
Embrace the Mystery

This sacred journey of soul is where we engage in the divine paradox of life. Consciously choosing to nourish the deeper layers of our truth. Attuning to a rhythm that invites a co-creation with the natural world where we embrace the mystery.

Life is meant to be lived and when we allow our soul to come alive we embark on a sacred journey and welcome the guidance to embrace the mystery. A journey that aligns your life to the true nature of your sacred essence. A grand adventure where we get to focus on what is worthy of your attention. A chance to commit to the evolution of your heart and soul. To align with spirit in your daily life to support the transformation and refinement of energy available to us all.

What happens is an engagement with our whole selves the parts that make sense and the parts that unravel us completely.

A journey of soul is where we bring our spirit to life and share the gifts that have been illuminated bravely back out into the world.

We shift from being action oriented and instead allow a life that invites us to be soul centered. This sacred journey of soul encourages looking inward and discovering the natural rhythm of nature. The magnificence and the misery. Where we awaken to the abundance of support that presents a divine unfolding. The unfolding then reveals our soul’s evolution which nourishes the deepest layers of ourselves so we can truly be of service to humanity in our lives and for generations to come. Except it is not one that makes much sense at all really.

Sounding a bit amazing and a bit intense – it is the divine paradox. It becomes essential to remember that we are not alone. Think about it, your heart beats life through your body not because of her strength and power but rather the rhythm she holds with the whole. Disconnect her (or even have her misalign) and she withers into a depleted tissue that holds no value. Each beat she offers creates a rhythm of experience that happens because of the interconnection of all the other systems. These systems come together to create you, this life and this world.

We get to be on a journey that brings forward the talents buried within our essential self and the invitation is to embrace the potential including the mystical.

A fantastic journey where our own embodiment is an expression of the divine and her magnificence. This moment of oneness moves us down and into our experience rather than transcending and renouncing the material realm. When we allow the sacred journey of the soul, embrace the mystery we do both the spiritual and material.

A soul journey asks us to accept the invitation to stand in our light fully and allow the hidden depths within to surface.

To embrace our lives and embody the truth of our heart by knowing her deeply. This includes honoring the dark and the light, the highs and the lows, the ego and the emotions. All of this is the dance of life that brings a rhythm and flow to our sacred soul journey.

The hardest part is connecting with the wholeness, the entirety of you, all the things you do and do not do.  All that you share this life with and all those you would rather do without (hello boundaries). This requires a daily acknowledgment through habit and behavior addressing the fact that you are not alone. There is a web of life bringing each and all of us together. Where the intensity is fierce or there is a love that runs deep we allow for a level of vulnerability. Where we feel alive and full yet honor the sacred and unseen.

This is the time to celebrate the great light that is illuminating the darkness.

A time to celebrate and be completely visible. We are all longing to bring meaning to life and hold purpose. The purpose of this life is a sacred journey where you get to be real, be true and be soulfully you!

As we celebrate this great mystery we are being asked to connect with a deep sense of power – our core purpose that comes forward via our soul’s promise. Where we feel a level of intensity through the major upheavals and changes that have set us on a new path. The grand unraveling, where we hold an obligation to fulfill our truth. To acknowledge what is standing in the way and walk forward with integrity, honesty and releasing the illusion and listen to the messages of the divine.

Of course all of this requires a slowing down and scheduling a day, week or even year of respite, renewal and nourishment so we can allow for the revival. In this space we remain optimistic and allow for contemplation to skillfully handle our individual and collective shadow. A chance to give the vulnerable a voice. Time to readjust and realign with our soul lessons guidance. Where we open our hearts and allow our soul to shine.

Through this part of the sacred journey we regain energy, motivation and discipline to restructure the way we live. To integrate the higher vantage point because we recognize the bigger picture. We surprise ourselves with renewed and renewable resources. Especially when we give ourselves the space to listen.

Our soul’s have promised each and everyone of us a grand adventure in this sacred journey especially when we embrace the mystery.

Listen for the wisdom that is being reflected back to you. The truth may hurt a bit but you have the ability to face the truth. Release the shame and connect with relationships that provide self awareness. Notice the patterns that need healing and resist the need to control.

You have and impact on the environment around you.Trust your wisdom expands beyond what you know as your light can authentically shine.

Embark on this sacred journey of soul and you will discover how much you help alleviate the suffering of the world. Be real with fear and allow for forgiveness, tenderness, and grand compassion.

The soul guidance bellow is here to validate who you truly are so you can trust the deep seas of life you are navigating. Use these as prompts for reflection as we journey through the rest of the Virgo lunation as you read your sun, moon or rising sign. Book a Soul Session for personalize guidance and support.

My hope is to provide insight to enable our collective soul’s passion to move forward and reveal the true nature of our potential. Keep in mind when we dive in and lead with a willing heart.

Take what serves and leave the rest behind…


VIRGO: The world around you is asking you to slow down, retreat, and care for the sacred energy of you…are you choosing to listen, receive and readjust accordingly? Connect with nature and honor the loss of what you thought would have been. You are not alone on your journey of being in service of the divine – we are here with you – celebrating and grieving. Embrace the diversity of reality and cultivate integrity as you embrace your sense of self. Give your vulnerabilities a voice and speak your needs. Your foundation is committed to you feeding the intensity of your creativity. Can you allow the guidance of oneness? The miracle of prayer, devotion and revelation? Be real, be kind, and know your soul is one of a kind.

LEO: Your soul’s brilliance sits deep within and the wisdom resides in the power of transformation. Give your guides a chance to show you the path of revival by listening for the wisdom that surfaces in how the magical and mysterious survival. Any loss is profound and hold space to grieve, receive and revive the truth you know deeply to be. You legacy requires an ability to break free. Consciously take responsibility for the ways you cope with the changing infrastructure – you owe it to yourself and me. Listen for the lessons the divine is sharing, here lies the technology for integration. Can you devote yourself to all that you contain? Will you cultivate a relationship that releases the shame? Care to share the royal abundance? Trust your work holds a palpable potency even if collaborations are shifting and there are days you feel you are drifting.

CANCER: As you continue to nurture the mystery, honor the holy and acknowledge the illumination of the ego’s history. The world continues to be surprised as we are all asked to take a risk in these times of uncertainty. You lead through your tender nobility. Continue to hold compassion for the wounds that surface through the great dissolve. There is no doubt you have access to the guidance of the soul as we all take this deep dive. Your soul’s team knows the direction we are all headed and they shine a light inward. You get to reveal the messages even when it feels the transformation is expanding into new realms that are demanding. Allow for the vulnerability and discover partners of this intensity to collaborate with your capability. Recommit and readjust the relationship of the divine in order to tend to the sacred spark in your sense of creativity. Will you value your own sacred spark? Can you come home to the wisdom of your soul’s ancestors? Acknowledge the system of you and devote yourself to the mystery.

GEMINI: Now is the time to listen deeply. To receive the wisdom that is nurturing your ability to lead, guide and live with curiosity. Your soul continues to surprise you as she risks exposing this grand mystery. The discord of the world ignites your heart in a way that you can be recognized for the mystical and magical that comes naturally. Remind the world of how they can readjust, realign and revive the truth of their authenticity. Your eternal curiosity also requires you to share what you have learned especially in the way we restructure our vision and be a disciple of your future. No doubt this level of vulnerability is intense and allows you to bring enthusiasm to the way you recommit to those that celebrate your beautiful magnificence. Will you go deeper into the layers of your soul on a daily basis? Can you value the wisdom and intensity with devotion and light hearted wit? Bring diplomacy to your humor and use this energy to resolve conflict in your creativity. Come home to your habits and rituals and please, nourish the soul’s mystery.

TAURUS: Now is not the time to be exhausted by the nonstop change you have been facing and rather lead with your values, prosperity and honor the ways you are finally breaking free. It may feel like your soul is on fire. Listen for the dreams of tomorrow. Now you are learning a new structure to your legacy which allows your hopes and dreams to expand magnificently. The lessons you are learning bring an intensity to this soul journey. Grieve what you have lost and value the vulnerability. While it may seem like a lot, give your vulnerabilities a voice and make her a priority. This will resolve the conflict you are feeling with the partnerships of your life with a level of diplomacy. There is a major boost of energy if you allow for your creative spark to shine through your daily diligence and camaraderie. 

ARIES: How much are you allowing the mystery of your soul’s journey to be part of your nobility? Everyday is a new day! No doubt you understand how important it is to come back to the divine details of you daily. The world knows the discord’s intensity with you. No one’s legacy is crumbling. Everyone’s future is relearning the lessons of our soul. If you choose to pave a new path know you need to dream a bigger dream through healing. Resolve the conflict of your soul’s collaborators passionately through diplomacy. As the shadows surface speak tenderly and compassionately. The transformation is giving you power especially when you prioritize the vulnerability. Will you take a risk with your soul’s brilliance? Will you connect with nature and imagine a divine embodiment of the mystery. Please, don’t run from the dark but rather listen to the beat of your heart and allow your soul to shine?

PISCES: Embrace and enliven the world as you lead from your sense of magic and mystery. Honor the imagination that is being sparked for humanity. Tune into the collective wisdom and commit to grounding your compassion and tenderness. The collective is learning new ways to forgive and you know just how this lessons are guiding us forward. Everyone is involved in restructuring our future even you and that energy holds a palpable intensity. Get lost in the light and break free from the traditional vision of the world’s legacy. Recommit to the flame of your heart and share the wisdom and creative ways of slowing down, grieving and valuing the vulnerable ways of being. The world has the endurance to resist the need to control. Bring the mystical and spiritual forward in your relationships by engaging in the energy that allows you to be soulfully you. 

AQUARIUS: With all you know, you do know you are relearning just how to be in this new exposure of democracy. Will you celebrate this divine awakening that your soul has been awaiting? You hold a wisdom buried deep within that offers the ways to engage in this soul renovation. Will you pause and receive her brilliance that allows you to be? It may feel like you are risking the foundation of your soul, so do know instead you are curiously nourishing the creative technology of authenticity. Wildly though you will have to honor the boost of energy your personal power is being offered. Partner with the conflict that is hungry to be resolved. Will you value the vulnerable wisdom and give her a voice for the rest of the world to hear? Will you allow a spontaneity to your legacy as you witness the collective recommit? Please reveal the enthusiasm of the future you have always known.

CAPRICORN: The soft intensity that has reclaimed your sense of self is now offering insights into the many ways your endurance surfaces. You are learning just how expansive it can be to truly let yourself be. Are you noticing how you are articulating the dreams of your soul into a system that is full of awe and splendor? Are you finding ways to devote yourself to the teachings of the divine that has always pushed you to your core? Continue to be surprised by the many ways you are breaking free into your authenticity. Listen for the wisdom daily and curiously offer compassion and forgiveness through your tender teachings. Your soul’s journey is revealing a rhythm that holds passion and diplomacy where the rest of the world will remember your truth and ability to value the collective vulnerability.

SAGITTARIUS: Your renewal has restored a commitment to your soul’s sacred journey. The potency of your soul’s capability brings an intensity. Know you are fully worthy of her richness and revival. Will you resist the need to control your immediate truth and rather allow yourself to learn through curiosity rather than denial? The wisdom of your roots are here to nourish if you come home to the dreams buried deep within this grand mystery. Your heart yearns for healing. There is no risk of recognizing how you have been coping. You’ve collaborated with change and offered life genuine soul laughter. Remember your responsibility to compassionately care for the legacy you are cultivating. Your future self’s shadow is being articulated in the conversations of humanity. Bring a tenderness and awareness of forgiveness forward through your soul’s voice listening to how we can collaborate with this light hearted technology. 

SCORPIO: All this while the world has believed you are a mystery and now it’s your time to lead through vulnerability. Value your own sacred spark and allowing yourself to make a mark. Your partners are willing to take a risk when you embrace the sacred with a kiss. Continue to commit to your sense of self that releases the shame that likes to blame. The intensity of your family brings endurance to learning the lessons of your soul’s heritage. Allow the magic of your creativity and unleash your true light so she can shine. The more you embrace the mystery your words will nourish everyone’s curiosity. The passion of your soul is leading the way, just know there is the need for integrity as you see the shadow of so many. Resist any need to control and honor the flame of your sacred spark.

LIBRA: Well, well, well, it isn’t that pretty. The passion is fierce when you discover that you might be your own worst enemy. Make friends with your true self and embrace the her mystery. Your magic is buried deep within prioritize your values and lean into your talents. Integrate this energy into the whole of your being and bring home the devotion to your soul on the daily. Continue to heal the past and recommit to your innocent vision. The intensity of your home life continues to push you to new levels, especially as you reconnect to the remembrance of your true essence – authentically. Your soul desires for you to be connected to her in all you produce and embody. Can you create anew a vision of plenty while healing the wounds that have surfaced in collaborations? There is an opportunity to uncover prosperity when you honor your own sense of vulnerability. Your soul’s sacred journey holds knowledge of how you can bring forward a technology for the best ways to embrace the mystery as well all embark on the soul’s sacred journey.

Straight from my heart to yours!

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