The Truth of You – Living Soul Centered

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On October 5, 2021
Living Soul Centered

Perhaps living soul centered provides access to a conscious choice where you embody the truth of you with purpose, meaning and authenticity.

Perhaps the truth of you is a bit daunting. An idea that could expose the different layers of your habits, patterns, and parts that leaves you feeling like you are too open, vulnerable or just plan feeling like you could come undone.

A little hint…your purpose resides in your soul’s promise animating the truth of you beautifully and brilliantly helping you to come alive and live fully.

Living your soul’s promise presents an opportunity to live a life of purpose, connection, meaning and direction.

Life – it can be challenging, difficult and confusing. Especially when we see so much conflict, confusion and disconnect.Trying to make sense of what is going on in the world leaves us lost, frazzled and disenchanted with our children’s future.

No doubt you want to help people out, make things better, even bring the peace to the people! Yet the intensity we see out in the world can kill your zest and enthusiasm necessary to put forward the effort.

SOUL becomes essential.

The truth of you is not only about leaning into the guidance of your faith – thought it certainly holds major value. The truth of you is about going inward. Embracing the notion that you hold your own personal expression of the divine and it is here to come alive, animate and evolve.

An Emotional Journey

The deal – it includes the entire emotional journey. Our emotions are the currency of the soul. The highs and lows, the ins and outs. The good times and heart wrenchingly painful. It includes life, death, renewal and rebirth. There is no one size fits all and if there was it would actually be soul sucking. When we give ourselves permission to feel, we discover a flow – a soul flow.

Emotional suffering surfaces when we are resistant to change. When we deny the grief we feel when something comes to an end. When the greed to achieve and dominate compromises loving commitments and collaborative integrity. Or just plan ole forgetfulness that we are all interconnected, living on the same Earth, under the same vast sky.

Yet, when we go inward and acknowledge and accept all that we can feel, we awaken to a magical truth. A truth that holds potential, beauty and brilliance. The truth of you, buried deep within, is a sacred and divine spark longing to come alive.

Rhythm of Life

There are different phases and cycles of life. In the most basic we come to life as a baby, then experience our youth, transition into young adults, followed by middle age, and if we are lucky we ride the coattails of wisdom into being an elder bridging what was into what will be for generations to come.

The moon cycles in a similar flow. Each month she moves from new to full and back to new. She carries guidance, direction and opportunity with every cycle. Not to mention she has had a committed relationship with the Earth for BILLIONS of years.

The new moon is a chance to honor a new rhythm to living. The opening square presents the challenge. The moment of fulness is the opportunity to praise the light that illuminates the darkness. The closing square is the opportunity for integration.

Learning and living with this flow not only serves our soul, but supports our journey in embodiment. Living our true essence and leading, or rather, living our truth – soul centered.


What we have to do is create pathways of light, transform the darkness and bring integrity to areas of deceit and duplicity…one breath at a time.

The truth of you wants to belong, believe and become.

When you know what you are becoming, you can make choices that nourish and transform your life from confusion and commotion to one of meaning, purpose and delight. There are many frameworks and assessments that can guide you on your life’s journey. Yoga is one and Astrology just happens to be her supportive companion.

The moment you were born there was a celebration of the heavens. Your natal chart is a snapshot of what everyone was wearing and the conversations being had. What were they talking about – your soul’s promise and the truth of you…all that you are to become.

The Truth of You

Your soul’s promise is the truth of you. She reveals patterns that provide meaning as well as stability. It is a gateway for your true essence. A pathway of light that connects you to your sacred spark. It supports your awakening, your attitude and your access to living in the present.

Yes, when you choose to work this light, you do have to accept your weaknesses. You also acquire the ability to own your strength, to weave together gracefully your true nature. The light of your soul can flow. You feel a direct connection to your individuality and can give form to your future.

Living Soul Centered

There is a simplicity to living in alignment with the truth of you. Yes, you cultivate a powerful relationship with your soul. One where you feel good in your own skin and bones. Where you connect with a creative life force that is uniquely your own.

Contained within this simplicity is a chance to embrace your brilliance and encourage others along the way. To align authentically and confidently bringing forward your creative spark. You share your light and inspire the world to also awaken. There is even a sense of feeling cared for throughout your life – even in the moments that are challenging, exhausting and devastating.

Living this way does not mean you are free of the trials and tribulations.  Rather we consciously choose to reconnect the parts that have been rejected, misunderstood and mistreated.

Accepting the darkness is the only way we can live a life of wholeness.

The simplicity holds a contrast because contrast presents an opportunity to experience our life’s potential. Your light has a life of it’s own. She simply asks us to establish boundaries based on our priorities and values and requires awareness of our limitations as well as our strengths. Then we can integrate them into the whole.

A New Attitude

Give yourself a moment. Connect to what living a soul centered life is for you. Will you open your heart? Are you curious? Would you want to live with less stress and more confidence? What difference could you make? Are you interested in living with more vitality, creativity, authenticity, joy and delight?

Start now. Breath life into this moment – intentionally, authentically, and gracefully.

There are so many opportunities to set intentions, sankalpas or just cultivate a new attitude that blends our ability to accept and transform. Living soul centered, from the truth of you, the lunar cycle awakens the wisdom of the soul and guides us forward.

When the moon is new you cannot see her as she is in alignment with the center of our universe – the sun. She is considered a dark moon, the fertile void, the start of a new cycle. We listen, attune and co-create with her wisdom. A full moon is when she is as far as possible from the sun. She illuminates the darkness and asks you to stand fully in your light embracing the journey. This cycle repeats it self 13 times a year!

Soulscopes – Libra Lunation

Soulscopes are here to help you cultivate a healthy relationship with the truth of who you are. Each lunation or lunar cycle provides cosmic insight to the patterns you contain. They hold heavenly guidance which can awaken a conscious connection to your soul – your true nature. The moon is here to help nourish your soul’s potential making her more real, accessible and achievable.

The invitation is to integrate back into wholeness with a purity of intention.

This Libra lunation is all about adjusting and realigning with the subtle intensity. A journey where we reconnect with our priorities, principles and perspectives. In this journey we all are being invited to awaken to a new way of being where we can breakthrough dimensions of delusion and collaborate with a reimagined feminine embodiment.

Read your rising sign as this is what we are here to become. Not sure – book a soul session and let’s awaken your soul’s promise together. Don’t be confused – I broke the signs into elemental sections…


LIBRA: This lovely and beautiful journey is yours and no doubt you feel the energy behind this cycle. The sky is on your side if you are ready to activate, reclaim or articulate the dreams of your soul. Though this is the start of a new journey, allow the ambition of your soul to guide you. The relationship you hold with yourself is of utmost importance. Integrate the dark and the light and renew your sense of vitality and the truth of you. Nourish your principles of creativity, have a little fun and when challenges surface it is your responsibility to take sacred soul care.

GEMINI: Your future self requires love and attention. Heal the vision you thought would have been and allow for new energy around your sense of creativity. Network and nourish the prats of you pioneering new ideas. Listen and receive the magic hidden in everyday living. our soul is breaking free and your beliefs require a reframe especially as you dream up a new legacy.

AQUARIUS: The shifts you are making are inspiring. You know the future is undergoing a soul renovation,  don’t undermine the personal framework that you are creating. Lead with integrity, and integrate your perspective into inspiring principles. It may take a few years for the rest of the world to catch up, but don’t be surprised if you are motivate to share your wisdom of this reframe with the rest of us. Continue to give energy into the ways you can re-imagine your future. Keep a connection with your soul as the world values the energy she brings. Commit to a higher level of inclusivity as you pave the way one breath at a time. When it feels like too much, instead of checking out, check in and feed your daily endeavors.

Earth Signs

VIRGO: Embrace the purity of your heart and break free from the drama of desire. There is supportive energy behind your choice to reprioritize your life, clarify your values and integrate your soul into your reality. When you encounter discord, rather than fight for passionate perfection, reorient yourself to care for your hopes and dreams of the future.

TAURUS: Resisting change only causes more suffering. Letting go is not easy and your soul craves your attention and knows the path of healing. Bring forward the energy of renewing this integration of soul centered living into your daily life. Collaborate with the values of your heart and reframe your vision. You get to choose how you want to move forward. Dream big and allow the technology of your soul to guide you forward.

CAPRICORN: Have some fun, lighten up and know that living soul centered requires that you be kind to your heart. The shifts you are encountering require you to reframe your principles and recommit to the beliefs found deep within your heart and soul. Go inward and give attention to the ways you want to be remembered. Welcome your soul’s guidance as if it is your number one responsibility. Integrate the her wisdom into your reality so that you can uncover hidden creativity. Keep good company and know they are here to hold you when you have had enough.

Fire Signs

LEO: Tell us what you love and let your soul guide you into authentic action. Articulate your dreams and nourish the language of your soul. Break ground on your new future and welcome the revelation of your legacy – even if it feels dreamy and vulnerable. Sacred soul care is essential when life feels a bit rocky.

ARIES: The vibrant partnerships of your life hold vitality. They are remind you of your path of healing and how you need to cultivate a relationship of forgiveness as you let go of what you thought you would be. Come home to your true self and take sacred care – especially when you feel overwhelmed. You are paving a path for your brilliant future. Give her form by integrating your body and soul through committed action.

SAGITTARIUS: Ignite the flame of your heart. Commit to the devotion of your soul and the truth of you. Lean into the power of transformation. Honor your values and what matters most as you embark on this soul centered adventure. Your future holds potency especially when you give energy to your hopes and dreams. Remember to release and revise as necessary. There is nourishment for you if you can let yourself be a bit vulnerable – emotions are the currency of your soul. Your daily life will continue to pivot and reveal new and surprising opportunities. A home practice that invites the wisdom of your future is favorable. Keep the faith and remind the world of your soul’s laughter.

Water Signs

CANCER: Your soul wants to be the foundation of your life. Feel energized in connecting with the truth of you and know there is a team of unseen support here to encourage you on your journey. The can help you tend to the fragmented parts of your life and are here to give form to your beliefs and help reveal your future self. Because there are loving messages in the tidal waves of life’s emotions, listen closely in how you can reframe the relationship with the unseen. When everything seems too intense, be kind to yourself and those you love.

PISCES: The motivation to reframe the systems governing heart and soul is real. Devote yourself to the temple of your heart. Trust that the darkness is ready to be transformed and integrated into the technology of your environment. Continue to maintain strong boundaries around vulnerabilities as you heal the wounds of your foundation and listen for the messages of your ancestors. The commitment to your true self will be remembered especially because you are releasing limiting perspectives. Remember, you hold the wisdom for this reframe of reality. Remain open to the sense of oneness that sits within even though it seems hidden to the rest of the world and when it feels too intense – have a little fun!

SCORPIO: There is so much energy in the unseen. The duality of light and dark demands your attention. Devote yourself to your sacred spark and carry your values forward. There is no need to keep anything a secret nor is there a need to fall back into what seems comfortable. The language and technology of the future is being nurtured, transformed and you feel this potency in your daily life. Break the habit of playing it safe and create from your true self. Ground your personal power and lay the foundation of your future. The motivation and passion of your soul is ready to be uncovered and when living soul centered feels like too much – even for you – reorient yourself with the bigger picture.

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